11th December 2018

How to make pom pom place cards

These fun and easy to make name cards will ensure that everyone knows their place at your Christmas table.

11th December 2018

How to tie the perfect bow

Ever wanted to know how to tie the perfect bow? With Christmas just round the corner, we feel it's the ideal time to find out. Here's Kirstie Allsopp with this all important tip.

6th December 2018

How to make a chocolate filled pastry tree

This chocolate filled tree treat couldn't be easier to make. Here's how:

4th December 2018

How to make cute needlefelt decorations using cookie cutters

If you fancy creating your very own tree decorations, here’s a festive, fun and easy way to do it.

4th December 2018

How to make an on-trend tassel with next to no hassle

It couldn't be easier to make an on-trend and fashionable adornment for your Christmas wrapping. Here's how:

29th November 2018

Handmade candle
How to make your own heavenly scented candle

Making your own candle is super easy. Soothe yourself into the festive season with this heavenly scent.

29th November 2018

Fig daytime
How to make festive choux profiterole figs

How to make fun, finishing touches for your Christmas Yule log!