13th December 2016

Finished bird
How to make a paper Christmas bird decoration

Using leftover gift wrap, it couldn’t be easier to make a beautiful and handmade decoration for your tree. Here’s how.

13th December 2016

Gingerbread lolly
How to make gingerbread flavoured lollies

Easy to make - these gingerbread flavoured lollies are perfect stocking fillers or for hanging on the tree. Some might say, an all-round Christmas winner.​

13th December 2016

Kma balloon use
How to make a festive balloon tree?

Lisa Dussek from inspiredBALLOONS.co.uk shows us how to make a fun yet extremely festive Christmas tree made from balloons.

7th December 2016

Kma blog toolbox use
What’s inside Kirstie’s Christmas craft tool box?

It's what everyone wants to know! What essential items does Kirstie use to ensure her crafts stand out from the crowd.

6th December 2016

Dog coat blog use
How to make a dog coat

We shouldn’t forget about our four-legged friends during the winter months. Why not try and make your pooch feel special by making a stylish dog coat?

6th December 2016

Finished star blog use
How to make a 5 pointed Christmas star

A unique way to make your own decorations is by using plaster-cast.

6th December 2016

Kma cracker blog
How to make marbled Christmas crackers

Why not set your Christmas feast off with a bang by making your own handmade crackers? You can pull out all the stops with personalised contents in each, guaranteed to deliver festive fun.