7th December 2017

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Behind the scenes with Kirstie Allsopp

Let's have a sneaky peak behind the scenes at Christmas HQ to get us in the mood for 2017's festivities.

5th December 2017

How to make rosemary wreath name cards

Rohini Wahi, a design expert and blogger showed Kirstie how to make beautiful rosemary wreath name cards on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. It’s ingenuously simple yet looks like you’ve made an effort.

5th December 2017

How to make mini mince-meat and black pudding scotch eggs

The scotch egg needs no introduction and at Christmas time, they always go down well, especially with the addition of some seasonal spice. Impress your guests with this culinary delight this winter.

5th December 2017

How to make poinsettia paper party poppers

Erin Hung showed Kirstie how to ensure Christmas goes with a bang by showing her how to make paper poinsettia party poppers. Easy, fun and colorful – what’s not to love?

5th December 2017

How to make a gift bag

The only thing better than receiving a gift, is receiving a well wrapped one! Cue Jane Means to tell us just how easy it is.

5th December 2017

Kirstie’s top tips for Christmas

To ensure that this Christmas truly is one to remember, Kirstie Allsopp took some time (during the filming of Handmade Christmas) to share with us a few tips on how to keep things stress-free too!

5th December 2017

Dry gin infusion

Christmas parties and family get-togethers provide the perfect opportunity for making gin cocktails. With festive fruity flavours and bright colours aplenty, there’s no excuse!