16th May 2017

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Big House Little House - using colour and texture in your home

Aidan Keane gives some tips on how to get the most from using colour and texture when decorating your home.

16th May 2017

Phil find me a home blog
Phil Spencer campaigns for the homeless in new Channel 4 special

Raise The Roof Productions, has been commissioned by Channel 4 for a one-off special, Phil Spencer: Find Me A Home.

9th May 2017

Aidan keane web
Big House Little House - managing a budget

Budget is no barrier to good design but you need to know how to manage it to get the best results. Here's Aidan Keane with some top tips.

4th May 2017

Big House Little House - kitchen ideas and inspiration

Big House Little House is all about renovations on both big and small budgets. Our digital team caught up with Aidan Keane who shares with us some ideas and inspiration for kitchen refurbs.

28th April 2017

New series alert - Big House Little House

Don't miss our new property series starting Sat 29 April, 4.35pm on Channel 4. Here's a little taster of what's to come.

26th April 2017

TRCmedia appoints our MD Jane Muirhead to the Board

Managing Director Jane Muirhead has been appointed to the board of TRCmedia.

20th April 2017

How RTR invests in individuals to help them grow

In this blog, Jeannot Hutcheson outlines the initiatives RTR is involved in to fulfil its ethos to: develop new talent, stimulate creativity and encourage diversity in Scotland.