5th December 2017


Dry gin infusion

This really simple and fun gin infusion is courtesy of Ryan Chetiyawardana - genius creator of boozy concoctions. On Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas he showed Kirstie how easy it is to pimp your gin – Christmas style. 

What you need:

1 litre Beefeater gin

200g very ripe pineapple

1 stick of Celery

1 tablespoon dried Hibiscus 

Fresh Lemonade (lemon juice, sugar syrup, topped with soda)

Cheese cloth or coffee filter

Glasses to serve

The process:

Roughly chop 200g of pineapple and add to your jar with a stalk of chopped celery

Next add 1 tablespoon of dried hibiscus

Add the gin

Close the lid and give the mixture a good shake. You’ll start to see it going a pink colour

Leave in the fridge or in a cool, dark place for 2-6 hours depending on how deep you want the flavour to infuse

Then strain your infusion through cheese cloth or a coffee filter to remove the bits before serving

To make the fresh lemonade, combine lemon juice and sugar syrup and top up with soda

To serve: pour your infusion over ice and top up with your freshly made lemonade. Delicious!



Carrie Hunter