24th November 2015

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How to make a cheese fondue

Replicate the taste and smells of a classic Swiss cheese fondue as seen on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas. It's a retro Christmas delight, what's more - super easy to make!

What you need need:                                                                                             

Fondue pot - if you don't have one, ask someone in your family to bring theirs out of retirement!



Fondue prongs

A heat source to cook over (such as a hotplate)

Small bowl

Cheese Grater

Wooden spoon

Ingredients (serves four people):

1 clove garlic

250ml of white wine (we used a sour Swiss wine called Fendant, but you could use Sauvignon Blanc with a squeeze of lemon)

250g Vacherin cheese, grated

250g gruyere, grated (you can use any cheese you wish, depending what taste you are after)

A generous squeeze of lemon

1 tsp cornflour

2 tbsp Kirsch (A German and Swiss cherry brandy traditionally used in fondue)

Cubed bread

The Process:

First of all, rub the cloves of garlic over the inside of the fondue pot

Then add about half a bottle of white wine and a generous squeeze of lemon and stir.  Heat until bubbling

Turn the heat down and start gradually adding the cheese

Continue to add the cheese until it has all melted, stirring constantly

In a small bowl, combine approx 50ml of kirsch and a spoonful cornflour

Then add this kirsch mix to the cheese and stir until it's nice and smooth. Be careful not to boil or burn the mixture!

Et voila! It’s now ready to eat – use fondue prongs to dip fresh bread in the cheese mixture and enjoy! You could try breads like focaccia, olive breads or breadsticks and for a different flavour use other cheeses such as mozzarella, dolcelatte and parmesan! The decision is yours!