25th January 2013


Get the Vintage Look

What we love about vintage style is that there are no rules. It’s all about experimenting, interpretation and choosing accessories which reflect your own unique vintage style.

Is your home is yearning for some vintage touches?

Here are our ‘must have’ accessories that will help you open the door to bygone eras!

Well-worn furniture

It might be an obvious one but it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a table, chair, dresser or chest of drawers- well worn, well used and distressed furniture can create a focal point in any room and perfectly fits the vintage bill. If you’re not planning on buying your shabby chic furniture as new - it’s quite an inexpensive look to achieve. Paint with chalky grey, blue or green paints and very quickly an old otherwise useless piece of furniture can take on modern grace and elegance.


Bejewelled, beaded, bohemian – chandeliers come in variety of shapes and styles. And the great news is – there’s a chandelier to suit every different taste. We love how vintage chandeliers can add real character and glamour to a room.

Vintage China Tea Sets

There’s no doubt that elegant and classic china tea sets are a must have in every kitchen. Colourful and mismatched - revive the classic tradition of taking tea in style.


Why not add some colour and warmth to a couch or seat with an authentic crocheted blanket or patchwork quilt. Hang vintage lace curtains in a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Or even try covering a kitchen table with a vintage lace cloth. The demand for vintage fabrics is high but should be easy enough to get your hands on at flea markets, jumble sales, auctions and of course on-line and in specialist shops.

Storage units
It’s never been easier to keep your house clutter free with stylish storage. Go from messy to marvellous by recycling and upcycling old apple crates, baskets, jars, hat boxes, salvaged metal lockers and suitcases…the list is endless just use your imagination!

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings and tapestries were popular throughout the 20th Century until the late 1970’s. Timeless pieces are a unique way to add some individuality to your living space.


You can never have too many vases around the home! Big or small, bright and beautiful - purchasing a vintage vase is an easy way to make a vintage statement.