3rd May 2018

Glasgow bids for new Channel 4 HQs to move to the city.

Glasgow has officially launched a bid for the new Channel 4 Headquarters to move to the city.

Channel 4 earlier this month said that it would create a second national HQ and two smaller hubs somewhere in the "nations and regions" as part of a broader drive to become less "London-centric".

It is thought that the new HQ and hubs, will employ 300 people and oversee half of its output. 

Channel 4’s former head of nations and regions Stuart Cosgrove will chair the board - led by Glasgow City Council with support from the Scottish Government.

Glasgow's bid is also being backed by many Scottish TV companies including; Raise the Roof, Maramedia, Hopscotch/IPS, Red Sky, Firecrest Films, Matchlight, Tern, IWC Media, Synchronicity Films, Turmeric Media, Finestripe Productions, Film City Glasgow, and Scottish Screen Leadership Group, to name a few. 

Managing Director Jane Muirhead said: “Raise the Roof was born out of a long relationship working closely with Channel 4 that invested and built a strong talent base in Glasgow. We wouldn’t be working and living here in Glasgow today if it wasn’t for that belief, and Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer would never have agreed to us all setting up our production company and basing it here in Glasgow if it wasn’t such a fantastic place to make telly.”

Glasgow faces competition from Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

You can show your support by visting: G4C4 and clicking 'back the bid'.

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Carrie Hunter