14th May 2013


Going Gaga For Great Gatbsy Style

The Great Gatsby is on everyone’s minds and rightly so. Full of glitz and glam, the roaring twenties is dominating summer interior and fashion trends. With that in mind, why not recreate the magic of Fitzgerald’s classic novel in your home with some 1920’s inspired decor?  

To get started, you’ll need somewhere to store your scraps and ideas from this opulent era. Here, Kirsty Waight from The Little Floating Craft Company shows us how to create a unique sketchbook with a Gatsby twist.

Re-inventing vintage finds and making things from scratch is the way I was brought up. As a crafter and maker, I love nothing more than knowing that my home and everything that’s in it is unique and personal. Even more so when someone visits and admires what I’ve done - inspiring them to have a go!

That’s what this “How To” project is about. I want to show you how to make something that will serve the same purpose but could look different from my finished piece. You can follow the techniques shown but perhaps introduce a different texture or colour of fabric in order to stamp your own personality on your work. No matter what the project - try thinking about what kind of mood you want for your finished piece as well as what style of fabric and trims will best emphasise that. I adore the glamour and style of the Art Deco period, so it seemed fitting to pay tribute to The Great Gatsby. It’s all about fab fabrics, luxurious trims and jewels galore! Embrace your inner siren with this decadent period! By following these simple steps, you too can create something theatrical.

1. I knew I wanted a gorgeous cover for my sketchbook but one that could be removed and used again once this book is full. I chose a piece of fabric big enough to wrap around the book twice, then folded it in half lengthways and laid it out flat on my desk. I picked a fawn Dupion silk fabric as I love the sheen. Its also a hard wearing structure making it ideal for a book cover.

2. Closely pin around the edges of the sketchbook, rolling it from left to right to ensure there’s enough fabric to give the sketchbook moving space so that it will open easily. Then cut around the edges leaving approximately 1cm seam allowance.

3. Put one of these two rectangular pieces of fabric to one side and cut the other in half to form the two inside edges of the sketchbook cover.

4. Use a little more of the Dupion fabric (or your chosen fabric) to make a pocket to stitch inside the front cover. Turn over the edge to the outside for a double roll, top with some velvet ribbon and stitch carefully to make for a really luxurious finish!

5. Hem the edges of the inside covers on the edge where you’ll insert the book.

6. Take up the first rectangle of Dupion again and pin in place geometric lines of velvet ribbon to form an Art Deco pattern.

7. Pin the two covers and outside edge together. Check your book fits inside. Stitch neatly and trim with pinking shears so there is less chance of fraying. Where the edge of the cover lays over the spine of the book, fold in neatly and top stitch. Roll the edge over twice so you don’t see a raw edge.

8. Turn the right way out, check it fits again, and then go to town with embellishments!

9. I created rose buds and roses from tea dyed lace by coiling them around and stitching piece by piece.

I stitched a vintage rhinestone earring into the centre of the largest rose for some real Art Deco glamour and satin stitched two leaves underneath using vintage thread I found at a collectors fair. 

I was inspired by the amazing headpieces that women wore with evening dress and wanted to give my sketchbook cover the same flamboyant yet elegant style.

Why not give it a go?