3rd March 2013


How to Develop Your Vintage Style

Vintage style has never been more popular. More and more people are turning to the interior charms from previous decades to help create their very own retro and unique space.

What we love about vintage style here at Kirstie’s Vintage Home is that there are no rules. How you interpret and restyle a bygone era is individual and personal. 

Whether you’re a pro at developing vintage styles in your home or are in need of a little help with getting started, The Kirstie’s Vintage Home team (with a little help from Kirstie) and members from our vintage loving Facebook community share their top tips on How To Develop Your Vintage Style.

Take Your Time
Think about what items, eras and styles that suit you and your home. "Don’t expect vintage heaven overnight", says Kirstie.  It’s a slow and gradual process. Use any travel opportunities whether in Britain or beyond to go in search of those vintage treasures and build up your treasure trove over time. The last look you want to end up with is one that’s contrived or trying too hard – let your style develop naturally and evolve.

Love, Love, Love
"Don’t let anything into your home that you don’t absolutely love, or at least has the potential to be turned into something you love", explains Kirstie. This is a great piece of advice as you want your home to reflect you and your personality, perhaps even tell your story - so fill it with ‘treasures’ not ‘tat’. Try to furnish your home with your heart. Keep an open mind and remember that with just a bit of effort - it’s easy to give a new lease of life to old furniture castoffs and other unloved items to get the style you want without breaking the bank.

Interior Designer and online business owner, Heather Hocking from Aitchdesigns.co.uk agrees with this advice. She says, "if it makes you smile buy it. Shop wisely and thriftily - car boot sales, jumble sales, flea markets will give you the best bargain and the biggest smile".

Decide on a Theme
It doesn’t matter if you love the swinging 60’s or the glamour and sophistication of the 1920’s, whatever the era you opt for, it might seem obvious but choose a style which inspires you and reflects who you are. Do some research into key features of the time - use it to spark ideas and to help you put your own spin on your style. It depends on what look and feel you’re trying to achieve but have some fun with it. 

Mix Old with New
Kirstie believes, “The trick to creating a successful vintage style is merging old and new”. Experiment until you create an abode that complements both the old and the new in your life.
"Our homes need to reflect that we live in the modern world, otherwise they’ll be completely impractical", Kirstie adds. Try to incorporate a modern twist where possible through colour, artwork, furniture, accessories etc. Decide what works best for the style of your home best - experiment and have fun along the way.

Remember there are no rules! Kirstine Fletcher from Vintage Rose Country Interiors says, “We love vintage style and feel the best way to achieve this look is to introduce lots of different colours and to mismatch. Get a great vintage look by mixing lots of pinks, duck egg blues, greens and yellows and by adding little touches such as a small vintage painted shelf on which you can display mismatch china, a collection of jugs, pretty jugs with country flowers or galvanised metal jugs with daffodils or tulips, different coloured polka dot plates and cups, mugs etc. The more mismatch the better”.

Create a Pinterest Board
Use modern technology to your advantage - create a virtual vision board. Lesa Simons from iheartbuttons suggests that Pinterest is a great way to collect images of styles you love from all over the internet and enables you to plan and organise what to do next. She says, ”You can then start picking out the elements you would like to carry through to start building your own unique style”.

All photographs included in this blog are by Fiona Murray. Copyright RTRP Limited.

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