6th December 2016

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How to make a dog coat

Kirstie (the proud owner of Dandy the border terrier and her four gorgeous pups) teamed up with Iona Barker to find out how to make a tweed dog coat that will not only keep your pooch nice and warm, it will keep him ahead in the fashion stakes too. The only limit is your imagination, so unleash your creativity and try this simple craft.

What you need:





Stretchy ribbon – leather bias binding or Grosgrain ribbon or leather

Elastic x2 pieces to make front and back straps



Tweed fabric or fabric of your choice

Shearling (fake sheep wool) fabric for lining



Accessories of your choice to embellish your coat 

The process:

Firstly, you need to measure your pet’s circumference both at the bottom of its neck and around back of hips.

Then measure between its front legs and between its back legs. Your coat should be half the size of your pooch’s girth – ultimately covering most of its body.

You can draw your measurements straight onto the fabric or you can use paper as a template to then draw around.

Once you’ve measured both the tweed and the fleece, fold each fabric in half before cutting so each piece is symmetrical. Each cut out of fabric will look a bit like a saddle.

The next step is to check your fabric for a right side – this is the side that has the least imperfections and is the side you want to see.

Place the shearling on the bottom side of the tweed and pin the fabrics together.

Then take your piece of bias binding and fold it over the edges of your fabrics and pin to secure it in place. Bias binding is a great fabric to use because it has a natural stretch making it easier to hand sew around the curves and corners.

When you are hand sewing, double thread your needle and a tie a knot in the end. This helps to make your stitches stronger.

Begin to hand stitch the bias binding using a running stitch around the edges of your fabric. As soon as you are beginning to run out of thread, cut it close to the needle, split the threads and tie a double knot in the end.

At this point you can either leave your dog’s coat plain or go to town and embellish it with applique, felt or any fabric or accessory of your choice.

All that’s left to do now is make the straps. To do this cut two pieces of elastic. One piece for the front of the front legs and the other for in front of the back legs. Allow enough give to comfortably stretch around your pets girth.

Then simply fold each piece of elastic into a loop and sew both ends together onto one side of the jacket both at the top and bottom ends.

Then on the opposite sides to where you’ve sewn the elastic loop, sew on the buttons. Et voila!

Love me, love my dog!