11th December 2018


How to make a ceramic wall hanging

What you need:

Air drying clay

Darning needle


A short twig or stick

Twine or string

Rolling pin

Chopping board for rolling

Cookie cutter

PVA glue

Eco glitter


The process:

Using air drying clay, roll it out to a thickness of approx. 0.5cm centimetres.

Punch out 15 to 20 different shapes from the clay using traditional cutters in your choice of festive shapes.

With a darning needle, make a hole in the top of each clay shape decoration.

Leave them to dry overnight.

Cut different lengths of string and attach to the stick or twig

Feed the string through each of your festive shapes, add jingle bells or beads to decorate and tie a knot to secure.

Now hang in pride of place.

P.S. The clay shapes can be decorated with paint or metallic foils and could also make amazing gift tags.



Carrie Hunter