13th December 2016

Gingerbread lolly

How to make gingerbread flavoured lollies

In episode 2, Holly Brook from Holly’s Lollies showed Kirstie how to make festive luxury lollies. Easy to make - these gingerbread flavoured lollies are perfect stocking fillers or for hanging on the tree. Some might say, an all-round Christmas winner.

Safety Notice: This craft involves boiling sugar which reaches temperatures of 160 celsius. Do not leave the sugar unattended while heating as it can be volatile and boil over. Please take extra care when pouring the liquid from the pan into the jugs. Use a ladle if you'd prefer and wear protective clothing if you feel it necessary. This craft is not suitable for children.

What you need:

2 lolly moulds to make 10 lollies (available to buy online)

Paper sticks (available to buy online)



Sugar thermometer

750 g granulated sugar

220ml water

½ tsp Cream of tartar  

¼ tsp pf powdered cinnamon

¼ tsp powdered ginger

Ground clove

Ground nutmeg

2 X 500ml Pyrex jugs  

Ribbons to decorate packaging

Gingerbread men shaped sprinkles (can buy in any supermarket)

Plastic packaging bags

The process:

Start by heating 750g of granulated sugar and 220 ml of cold water in a pan, stirring gently for approx. 20 minutes.

When the liquid starts bubbling, this means the sugar should have fully dissolved. The goal is to get the sugar to around 160 Celsius. Use a sugar thermometer to help you reach this temperature and ensure that you don’t burn it.

While waiting for the mixture to boil and reach the correct temperature, prepare your moulds by placing the paper sticks into them.

After about 20 mins or so, you shouldn’t be able to see any sugar granules in the liquid – that’s how you’ll know it is ready.

Now add ½ tsp of cream of tartar.

Don’t stir the liquid after this point as it will create granules and start to crystallise meaning that the liquid won’t pour.

Next, carefully pour the liquid into the two jugs that you’ve pre-heated in the oven. This is to ensure when you pour the hot sugar into them, it doesn’t shatter the glass.

Please note: This boiling liquid is extremely hot and could cause serious burns. Do not fill the liquid to the top of the jugs in case it bubbles over.

Time to add ¼ tsp of powdered cinnamon

¼ tsp of powdered ginger

A pinch of nutmeg

1 tsp of ground clove

Now you’ve added all the ingredients, pour the liquid quickly and carefully into the moulds before it cools and starts to set.

 Finally, sprinkle the lollies with mini gingerbreads to finish

Leave to set for 30 mins

Package the lollies into bags and tie with ribbon straight away otherwise they will go sticky.