15th December 2015

Frosted jar 1

How to make a frosted jar

Simple and easy to make, frosted candle jars make an ideal gift that won’t break the bank. Plus it’s a great way to give old jars a fabulous new lease of life! Why not give it a go?

What you need:

Jam jars

Frosted glass spray paint

Sticky back plastic

Wooden decoration or card shape to use as a template



Tea light candles

Treats to put inside your jars    

Pen / Pencil


Optional: old Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, glue and card should you wish to make your own label

Please note: we would recommend that you wear goggles and a mask when making these at home.

The Process: 

Place your template onto the sticky back plastic which you can pick up for approx. £2 per roll.

Draw around your template and cut it out. 

 Make sure your jar is clean and dry. Stick the cut out shape carefully onto your glass jar. 

Then turn the glass jar upside down and lightly spray, covering it with the frosted glass spray paint.  It’s at this stage, we recommend wearing goggles and a mask. You only need one light coat as the paint tends to dry darker than it looks.

When the jar is completely covered, leave to dry for at least 20 minutes.

Once it’s dry, slowly and carefully peel off the template to reveal the clear glass underneath.

Fill it with any goodies you please and/or an unlit tea light candle before popping the lid back on the jar. 

Then make a label by cutting out old Christmas cards or Christmas decorations. For example: take a glittering reindeer, glue it to some card and tie with ribbon.

Finally, tie your label around the jar and bob’s your uncle!