5th December 2017


How to make a gift bag

Gift wrapping expert Jane Means showed Kirstie how easy it is to make your own bespoke gift bag. Here's how!

What you need:

Thick paper i.e. wallpaper

A box (that is slightly larger than the gift you want to put in the bag)


Double-sided tape


The process

The box will dictate the size and shape of the gift bag, so make sure it is slightly bigger than the present you want to wrap. 

Cut out a sheet of paper large enough to wrap around your guide box allowing for a margin of extra paper at each end to cover the top and bottom and to create a fold over at the top of the bag.

Using double-sided tape, stick the paper together along the vertical edge as if wrapping a present.

Now remove the box and use your fingers to crease each edge of the paper.

Then place the box back in and tuck down the paper on one side at the bottom of the box before folding in the paper at each side to form an envelope shape (as if wrapping a box). Fold in the V of the envelope and secure with double sided tape. This creates the bottom of your bag.

Then remove the guide box again. At what will be the top of your gift bag, pinch and crease the edges of the paper on one side. Hold them together at the top. Use a finger to push in the sided of the bag. Crease all the way down the sides then turn the bag around and do the same on the other side. 

With the bag-shape now complete, pop your gift inside and fold over the top of the bag twice sealing it with tape. 

For the final touches, add some ribbon to go around the bag. To make it a little more personal, add some extra embellishments, like mini-ornaments, sprigs or whatever takes your fancy.

And that’s it. Your own easy handmade bespoke creation!



Carrie Hunter