26th November 2018


How to make a glitter-tastic wand

As shown on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas, prepare to be spellbound as Kristal Bayliss shares her secret on how to make a glitter-tastic wand, perfect for any little one’s stocking.

What you need:

Pieces of sparkly fabric (or fabric of your choice)

Fabric glue


Plenty of colourful ribbon (use different thicknesses if you like e.g. 3mm, 7mm)

A piece of doweling for the wand

Filling for the star – Kristal uses a fire-retardant stuffing which is available to buy online

Cardboard star templates in 3 sizes – small, medium, large (you’ll find star templates online)

Coloured sharpie pens

Sewing machine (or needle and thread)

The Process:

Take your small, medium and large star shaped templates and place on to the fabric with the sparkly side of the fabric facing downwards or wrong-side up.

Then draw round each of your star templates using a coloured sharpie, preferably trying to use the same colour as the fabric, so that it doesn’t show up through your fabric.

Then take your scissors and cut out round each of your stars. 

To give your wand an added twist, wrap it with ribbon, securing at the top and bottom with glue.

Cut 12 pieces of different coloured ribbons (choosing a mix of wide and narrow thicknesses) to approx. 20cm and 30cm in length and split them into two piles.

Time to get out your sewing machine and sew the stars. 

Place one pile of the ribbons on top of the medium sized star and do a straight running stitch across it to secure the ribbons in place. And repeat this process with the larger star. Do this between two of the stars’ points.

Trim off any extra bit of threads.

Place the medium sized fabric star on top of the large sized star fabric, wrong side to wrong side, so right sides out.  You’ll see that the medium star gives you an overlap. 

Start to sew the edges of the two stars together. Sew as close as you can to the edge of the smaller star. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could hand sew the edges together, or even use fabric glue.

Make sure you leave a small opening between two points, big enough to pop in the stuffing. This should be at the point where your ribbons are attached. 

Take your scissors and trim round the edges of the stars, remove any excess fabric from the larger star, making sure you get in nice and close to the edges of the medium star. You will now have two stars the same size.

Now you can start stuffing. We recommend using fire retardant materials which you can buy online.

Use the stick of the wand to poke the stuffing into the edges, so that each tip is evenly padded.

Then sew together the two remaining sides, leaving a little hole to pop your wand into. Glue the top of your wand and position it inside the star.

For the finishing touches, use the smaller stars you cut earlier and glue them onto individual pieces of ribbon, sandwiching the ribbon between two stars.

 Finally wrap a little piece of velvet ribbon around the end of the wand, approx. 1cm thick. Glue and hold it so it sticks.

There you have a super magic wand.



Carrie Hunter