29th November 2015

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How to make a luxurious fur lined festive stocking

In episode one of Kirstie Handmade Christmas, Kirstie had a lesson with Chinelo Bally – dressmaker and freehand cutter in how to make a rather luxurious stocking with a stylish fir trim. Get the look here!

What you need:

A sewing machine, threaded

Jewel coloured velvet fabric or desired fabric

Fabric scissors

Faux fur for the trim

Tailors chalk

Hand sewing needle and thread


Measuring tape

The Process:

 Select your fabric: we’ve opted for a sumptious and on trend velvet fabric but you can choose any fabric you like. Fold your fabric so that you have a double layer, which will make a back and front for your stocking.

Next draw the shape of the stocking freehand with the chalk on to the reverse side of the fabric.  If you’d rather you can easily draw round a template

Then cut out the two stocking shapes

Lay the two sides of your stocking shapes together and inside out and pin them together. so that the right side of the fabric meets and pin them together

Then roughly hand stitch together with a standard running stitch about 1cm from the edge, leaving the top open. It really helps to hand sew as well as pin because velvet tends to bunch and slip on the machine when pinned only

Machine sew around the edge of your stocking along the hand sewn line. Remember to leave the top open!

Hem the top edge of the stocking by folding the edge over and machine stitching it

Turn the stocking the right way round

To add the faux fur trim, cut out a piece of faux fur which is your desired thickness and make sure that its length is twice the width of the top of your stocking

Fold the strip of fur lengthways and inside out

Sew the ends together with the sewing machine so that you have a loop of fur

Then pull over the top of your stocking. Pull down your stocking until it is it’s width down the length of the stocking. So for example, if your piece of faux fur is 10cm thick, leave a 10cm gap at the top of the stocking

Sew the top edge of the stocking material and fur together

Then turn the the fur so that it is the right way round and attach to the top of the stocking.

Your handmade stocking is now ready to hang!