13th December 2016

Finished bird

How to make a paper Christmas bird decoration

What you need:

Free stencil template (you can find these online)

Patterned card or thick paper

Leftover gift wrapping paper




String/ ribbon or twine to hang decoration with

Double sided tape

Hole punch


The process:

Draw a bird outline onto a piece of coloured card

If you aren’t the artistic type, you can find lots of free stencil templates online.

Once you have cut out the shape of your bird, make a slot using a scalpel to allow you to feed through the paper wings.

Then take a square piece of wrapping paper and give it a concertina fold. Make sure the width is the same size as your slot so you can easily feed it through.

Feed your concertina folded paper through the slot.

Add a line of double sided tape and fan out the wings. 

Use a hole punch so you can feed through the ribbon et voila!

Your paper bird is now ready to hang.