26th November 2018


How to make a retro Advocaat Snowball Cocktail

This is such a classic Christmas cocktail, it’s hard to believe it fell out of favour.  But it’s back with a vengeance, and you certainly don’t need to be crafty for this one, so why not give it a go?

To make Advocaat:

What you need:

3 mixing bowls

Small and large jugs (for example a Pyrex jug)

Hand held whisk

Measuring spoons or a teaspoon

Cocktail glasses

Decorative bottle


6 egg yolks (large)

1 ½ tsp of vanilla essence or you can use vanilla bean paste

1 can condensed milk

350ml vodka 

*Advocaat is often made using brandy but you can use any spirit you like*

The process:

Separate 6 yolks from the 6 egg whites and place in a mixing bowl or large jug

Then add 1 ½ tsp of vanilla extract and whisk

Slowly add in the condensed milk whilst continuing to whisk

Then slowly pour in 350ml of vodka (or whatever spirit you are using) to get an even mix 

Continue to whisk for approx. 5 mins until the mixture is pale and fluffy

Carefully decant your freshly made Advocaat into a pretty bottle (use a funnel if required)

Now you have the perfect mix to make that old Christmas classic – The Snowball

To make the snowball:

What you need:

Lemon/lime squeezer

Sharp knife

Chopping board

Cocktail shaker

Cocktail sticks

Nutmeg grater


50 ml Advocaat

150ml lemonade

25ml Lime juice


Nutmeg (solid and ground)

The Process:

Firstly, squeeze the juice of half a lime

Then pour the lime juice and 50 ml of Advocaat into a cocktail shaker

Add some ice and shake it up!

Strain into a cocktail glass, and top up with either lemonade or soda

For that extra Christmassy touch, grate some nutmeg on top and stir lightly.

Now you’re ready to taste! What’s not to love?



Carrie Hunter