11th December 2018


How to make an on-trend copper light sign

What you need:

¼ inch craft copper piping (available in most hardware shops)



Copper fairy lights

Small stockings

The process:

With a pen write out the word “joy” or your favourite festive phrase/ word on a piece of paper, making sure all the letters are joined up. Or you could write a loved one’s name for a personal gift.

Use the paper as a guide to shape your word with ¼ inch craft copper piping. To make the copper more malleable, simply warm it up with your hands.

(Try not to over work the copper )

Once you’re happy with the lettering, tightly wrap the fairy lights around the copper lettering, starting at the “Y” or the last letter.

Use a small stocking or red sock to hide the battery pack of the lights.

Et voila. Now you can hang it up.



Carrie Hunter