28th November 2017


How to make bespoke penguin wrapping paper

What you need:

Brown paper

Plates (enamel or paper)


Chopping board

Sharp knife

Black, white and orange acrylic paint

Foam paint brush

Paint brush

Stick on googly eyes

Paper towels

The process

Chop one potato in half using a sharp knife

Blot the potato with a paper towel so as to absorb any excess moisture which could prevent the paint from sticking to it

Next pour some black acrylic paint onto a plate

Then using a foam paint brush, brush some black paint onto the potato

Layout your brown paper across a table and begin to stamp the paper randomly with black potato splodges (the body of your penguin)

Once you’ve covered as much of the brown paper as possible, leave the paint to dry for approx. 10 mins

Repeat the above process using smaller potatoes halves, this time using white paint for the penguin’s bellies

Stamp the white potato on top of the black paint and allow to dry for approx. 10 mins

Then take your paint brush and use the orange acrylic paint to add details for the penguin’s beak and feet

Once dry, use stick-on googly eyes or white paint for the eyes

Leave the paper to dry overnight and there you have it – bespoke handmade wrapping paper.