29th November 2018

Fig daytime

How to make festive choux profiterole figs

Cake artist, Ben Fullard showed Kirstie how to make some fun, finishing touches for her Christmas cake. You can easily do this too at home and what’s more, they’re edible too.

What you need for the figs:

Choux pastry profiteroles

Marzipan or fondant if you prefer

Food paste (green/purple)

Powdered food colouring (red, purple, brown)

Paint brushes

Rolling pin

Icing sugar

Knife/texturising tool

Rolling pin

The process:

Add a drop or two of green food paste to you marzipan or fondant to colour it. Knead the colour into the marzipan for a couple of minutes so that it is spread through evenly.

Sprinkle a little icing sugar onto your chopping board or worksurface, so that the marzipan/fondant doesn’t stick when you are rolling it.

 With a rolling pin, roll a circle shape, approx. 4-5mm thick and, with a circle shaped pastry cutter, cut a disc.

Brush one side of your disc with sugar syrup so that the profiterole will stick to it.

Place the profiterole in the centre of your disc and gather up the sides, then pinch the top ends together, like a pocket. It should resemble the stem of the fig. Trim down if you need to.

To decorate:

Take a knife and with the edge gently score some vertical lines to recreate the veins of the fig.

Sprinkle some of your powdered food-colouring and with a soft brush onto your fig in upward strokes to create the tones of a fig. Add some darker colours too.

Sprinkle your fig with some icing sugar and again gently brush for effect.

If you want to increase the realism of your profiterole fig, spray it with some edible glaze to give it a waxy, more natural, ripe look. 



Carrie Hunter