6th December 2018

Pudding giftboxmain

How to make Christmas pudding gift boxes

This easy make really is pudding present perfection. Why not try at home?

What you need:

Brown card 18cm x14cm

White card 18.5cm x 11cm


Glue stick

Double-sided tape



Cutting mat

Craft Knife

The Process:

Take the piece of brown card, measure 10cm down the shorter side of the card (width) and draw a line across. 

Lightly score this line for a clean fold with a craft knife.

Make marks along the length at 3cm intervals. 

Using the scissors, snip the 3cm intervals from the other end up to the scored line to make the tabs/bottom of the gift box

Use the glue stick to roll up the card along its width.

Stick double-sided tape down one length and make the cylinder shape.

Attach double-sided tape on to the tabs, trimming them if needed and stick all of them down to make the bottom of the box

To make the top part, measure and score a line at 3cm in from the edge.

Then draw flowing lines to imitate dripping icing and cut with scissors.

As before, cut tabs approx. at 3cm intervals and snip up to the scored line.

Again, roll up the card around the glue stick and stick the white tube together with double sided tape. 

Fold in the tabs as before.

Decorate with some paper holly leaves cut from green card and red spots for berries.

To finish, fill with a small gift for a stocking filler.



Carrie Hunter