6th December 2016

Kma cracker blog

How to make marbled Christmas crackers

What you need:

Cracker template  (for example you can download by clicking the link or you could use an old cracker)

Craft cardboard or thick paper

Cream or white paper


Cutting mat

Scalpel or Cutting knife


Shallow baking tray

Warm water

Pyrex jug

Tissue paper or felt to make a hat

Various colours of nail polishes

Craft glue

Double sided tape

Accessories to fill cracker with including gifts, toys, paper or felt hat, paper for joke - it’s up to you

The marbling process:

Pour warm water into a large baking tray. Fill about 2 inches with the water at room temperature.

Using old nail polish, liberally pour and swirl the polish into the tray of water using a mix of different colours for the best effect. Avoid using quick dry polishes.

Swiftly lay a sheet of card or thick paper onto the water and leave for 10 seconds.

Remove the sheet and hang your marbled effect paper to try.

Marbling is a trial and error process and it’s important to note that some polishes will work better than others.

Making the cracker:

Once your marbled paper has dried, draw around your cracker template with a pencil.

Then remove the diamond shapes using either a scalpel or cutting knife on a cutting mat.

Now for the tricky bit. Fold the ‘diamond’ section of the cracker so that it bends inwards when you roll the cracker. You should have 3 precise folds on each side, to give you two mountain ridges.  If you do these bends in the cardboard correctly, then your cracker will work. It can take a bit of practice.

Next, simply stick a snapper which you can buy online across the centre of your cracker using either glue or double sided tape.

Then fill your cracker with a hat, toys, sweets, confetti, party games, your own joke – whatever you like!

Roll into a tube shape and tape your cracker together, again using double sided tape

Pimp up your cracker until your hearts content using ribbons, labels, glitter – anything you please.