5th December 2017


How to make mini mince-meat and black pudding scotch eggs

Food journalist Andrew Webb showed Kirstie how to make these delightful little scotch eggs that really are super easy to make.

What you need:

200g sausage meat

100g Black pudding

50g Mincemeat

20g bread crumbs - use regular or panko granular breadcrumbs (as they give more texture/ bite to the scotch eggs) or you can make your own ones

12 pre-boiled and peeled Quails eggs – available to buy in supermarkets

A deep fat fryer (alternatively use a frying pan if you don’t have one)

300ml of Sunflower oil or vegetable oil

Cooking thermometer (you can pick up a cheap one for about £4 online)

A bowl of plain flour

A bowl of breadcrumbs

A bowl with two eggs (beaten)


Oven-heated to 100 degrees centigrade

The process:

Place the sausage meat, black pudding, mincemeat and breadcrumbs into a bowl

By hand, combine the ingredients together for approx. 10 mins then pop it in the fridge to chill for about 10 mins.

Meanwhile, heat 300ml of oil to 170 degrees either in a deep fat fryer or frying pan

Please note: please take extra care as oil heated to this temperature is extremely dangerous and can burn

Remove the mixture from the fridge and start to flatten out some pieces of the mixture by hand 

Then pop the pre-boiled quail egg in the centre of a flat piece of meat mixture and enclose it to make a ball shape. Gently roll in your hands to secure it in shape. Repeat this process x12

Now it’s time for the coating. Firstly, coat the ball in the plain flour, then dip the same ball in the beaten egg mix to coat it and finally in the breadcrumbs. Repeat this process x12

Once coated, pop in the fryer or pan for approx. 8-9 mins until golden.   Transfer 2 balls at a time into the deep fat fryer or pan. The oil should be heated to 170 degrees Celsius- use your thermometer to check.

Place the cooked scotch eggs in the oven to keep warm until the rest have cooked. Now it’s crunch time!

Serving suggestion: apple sauce with a couple of pinches of cinnamon 



Carrie Hunter