4th December 2018


How to make cute needlefelt decorations using cookie cutters

If you fancy creating your very own tree decorations, here’s a festive, fun and easy way to do it.

What you need:

Festive cookie cutters

Needlefelt needles

Wool rovings (20 colours for approx. £10)

A foam pad


Beads to decorate




The Process:

Place your festive shaped cookie cutter on top of a foam pad and start to fill with strands of your wool rovings.

Take your felting needle and gently stab the wool down, not yourself!! Keep going until it thickens and becomes felt.

Remove the wool stuffing from the cutter, flip it over and repeat this process, adding more wool to thicken it up.

Then take off the cookie cutter and trim the edges of your festive shape with scissors to tidy it up.

Now it’s time to sew on as many beads as you like to add that all important festive sparkle.

To finish, thread a length of ribbon onto a needle and fix it onto the top, so you can hang it.



Carrie Hunter