5th December 2017


How to make poinsettia paper party poppers

Erin Hung showed Kirstie how to ensure Christmas goes with a bang by showing her how to make paper poinsettia party poppers. Easy, fun and colorful – what’s not to love?

What you need: 

Party poppers

Brown paper

Gold coarse glitter

Glue stick

Green floral tape



10 sheets of red crepe paper cut into 2 different sizes of square ( 5 sheets at 10cm squared and 5 sheets at 8cm squared)

1 sheet of green crepe paper 12cm squared

PVA glue

Card to make a simple leaf template

Leaf and petal template


The process

Take one square of crepe paper and cut diagonally in half to make 2 triangles

Flip one of the triangles over, so that the grain of the paper makes a V pattern like a flower petal

Apply a small bead of PVA glue to the long edge of one of the triangles.  Place the other triangle on top.  Repeat this process for all the squares and leave to dry for approx. 1 hour.

Once the glue is dry, gently open up each of the triangles and press evenly along the seam and flatten

Draw a simple leaf template on a piece of card and cut out for use. If you don’t want to draw it freehand, there are lots of simple templates available online 

Place the leaf template on top of the crepe square matching up the seems then cut out the shape. Repeat this process until you have 10 red petals and once again with green crepe paper to make a single leaf

Next, take a party popper and start placing the smaller shaped red leaves first around the rim of the popper one at a time, securing them tightly in place with double-sided floral tape.

Repeat this process for all of the petals 

Top tip: keep stretching the tape to activate its stickiness

Then using the circular end of a party popper as a template, trace and cut out a circle with the brown paper. Coat one side of the circle with glitter using glue

Once all the petals are in place, glue the small glitter coated circle in the centre of your flower covering the end of the popper

Finally secure the green leaf with the floral tape and hoorah, you’re ready to pop!

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Carrie Hunter