5th December 2017


How to make rosemary wreath name cards

What you need:

Rosemary sprigs

Gardening wire


Card paper



Hot glue

The Process:

Take some gardening wire and start to wrap it around two sprigs of rosemary, joining them together to form your circular wreath shape. 

Hold the sprigs together lengthways with a slight overlap at the middle and start to twist the wire from the middle of the two sprigs and twist out towards the end

Keep twisting the wire and secure your small circular wreath shape by continuing to wrap the wire around the ends

Now that you have your wreath base, you can go town with the decorations! Add ribbon, bells or any other ornaments that match your Christmas theme or décor

Thread the ribbon through the wreath at the top and attach your accessory

Now for the name tag! Cut out a rectangle shape from some card in the shape of a scroll. To make it curled, take a pencil and wrap the card around one end (curl each end in the opposite direction).

Then write the names of your guest on the scrolls using a calligraphy pen or any pen you have, or print off names in your favourite font and glue to the card – it’s up to you!

To finish, spot each side of the wreath with a little glue and attach the scroll to it



Carrie Hunter