29th November 2018

Handmade candle

How to make your own heavenly scented candle

How to make a beautifully scented candle that will soothe you into the festive season. It really couldn’t be easier!

What you need:

Heat proof bowl

Heat proof glass container for your candle (ice cream glass or jam jar)


Skewer or chop stick

Soy or paraffin wax flakes (Most craft shops sell these. Approx. 1kg of wax for less than £10)


Essential oils of your choice (e.g. rosemary, cinnamon, clove or orange)

Eco-friendly glitter


The process:

Melt soy or paraffin wax flakes in a heat proof bowl over a medium heat until they turn to liquid.

Balance a skewer or a chop stick over the top of a heat proof glass with the candle wick tied securely around it and reaching the bottom of the glass container.

Carefully pour the liquid wax into your ice cream glass or jam jar.

Now, to get that Christmas aroma, create your own blend by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils (rosemary, clove, orange, cinnamon – whatever you fancy!)

For a magical festive feel, spray your candle with some eco-friendly glitter.

Leave to set overnight.

For a finishing touch, tie some ribbon around the base of your glass.

Ahhhh! Heaven scent!



Carrie Hunter