11th December 2018


How to make a super simple Christmas stocking

What you need:

0.5m felt or fleece fabric





Paper or baking parchment



Bead/sequins/tassels to decorate – you decide!


The process:

Start by sketching a stocking shape on to a piece of paper (or use a stocking template) and cut it out.

Fold your chosen piece of fabric or fleece in two and pin your stocking shape on top.

Carefully cut around the shape keeping the paper template in place.

Once you have your fabric stocking pieces, remove the paper template and replace the pins so that they keep the fabric in place when you are sewing.

Use a running or blanket stitch around the edge of your stocking shape, leaving the top edge open. You can do this in a contrasting thread for an extra design detail.

Fold over the top of the stocking and get decorating. You could sew on a tassel, beads, sequins, pompoms – whatever you like!

Don’t forget to sew on a piece of ribbon to the outside stocking, so it can be hung up.

Hang on a bedpost or fireplace ready for Santa to stuff with gifts. 



Carrie Hunter