7th December 2017


How to update a sweater with embroidery

This is a simple, fun and most of all an effective way to jazz up an old jumper.

What you need:

An old jersey

Water soluble embroidery paper or pre-designed water-soluble embroidery paper

Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread

An embroidery hoop


Bowl for water

The process

Firstly, sketch out your Christmas design onto the water-soluble paper. You can buy pre-made designs online which have already been printed onto the paper or you can trace over an image of something else whatever you fancy.

Cut out your design if you’ve sketched it leaving approx. 2cm from the edge.

Then split the six strands of embroidery thread in half, so there are three strands and gently pull them apart. Thread the needle with 3 strands.

Then remove the adhesive backing from the water-soluble paper, and stick the paper on to your jumper where you want your design to be.

Now put your embroidery hoop in place by unscrewing the latch to separate the two hoops. Place the smaller one inside the sweater and the larger one over the area of the jumper where the paper has been stuck down and screw the latch to tighten. This pulls it nice and taught.

 It’s time to get sewing! Pick any place to start and push your needle through from the inside. Use a backstitch to add more strength to the stitch and stitch around the entire outline of your design.

Once completed, dip the finished design in a bowl of water, rub it a little and the paper will dissolve.

Let the jumper dry and voila! A cheat’s Christmas jumper



Carrie Hunter