14th February 2013


Spring Trend: Easy Ways To Accessorise Your Vintage Home

Ok. It might be freezing cold outside but it’s starting to get lighter in the mornings, which is a sure sign that Spring is on its way! Hoorah! As you know, this year is all about colour. And, lots of it! In case you need some help choosing trendy spring accessories for your home, here are our top 6 suggestions:

Let’s ban boring lampshades for good! If you want to create a high energy vibe, you could opt for an oversized lampshade in this seasons bright colours including oranges, reds, pink and red or go retro with a plant inspired or floral pattern.  Why not upcycle an old lampshade and style how you like! Introducing colour and pattern via a lampshade provides ample opportunity to reflect your personal style while complementing a room.


Say it with flowers… buying them fresh is a luxury or you could take the the time to make them by hand. Whatever you decide, there’s no doubt flowers are an easy way to brighten up your home whilst welcoming the outdoors in. Tulips are undoubtedly a spring favourite with bright purples, yellows and reds bringing a happy vibe to any room. Lavender, roses, peonies and hydrengeas fit the vintage bill and promise results every time.

Brass was all the rage in the 1980’s and is making a comeback! So get the Brasso out and polish up old brass metal, copper or gold picture frames, mirrors, candle sticks, bases of lamps – anything you can get your hands on in your attic or garage! This ‘metal du jour’ will easily add a touch of vintage warmth to your home whilst keeping you on trend!

Picture: www.lonny.com

Playful yet chic, beautiful table linens, overlays and runners in this season’s colours can add a bit of character and charm to a table. It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of fabric or hessian.

A vibrant, printed rug will allow you to welcome nature in whilst jazzing up a floor space. Green conjures up a feeling of the outdoors so why not opt for Emerald Green, Pantone’s colour of the year - very fashionable. Colourful, graphic, geometric as well as leaf designs will keep you right on trend. Let’s not forget that traditional and tribal rugs known and loved because of their unique patterns, colours and of course vintage look are also a hot favourite. It’s important to pick a rug which brings out the best in your room not overwhelm it. You might have thought you’d never see them again but Shaggy rugs, which were big in 1970’s are back in vogue! Whatever colour you choose, you’ll be making a style statement.