22nd May 2018


Steps taken by Raise the Roof to comply with GDPR

On Friday 25th May, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law in the UK. GDPR will essentailly bring outdated personal data laws across the EU up to speed with an increasingly digital era.

Below is a list of steps we have taken to ensure that we are fully compliant.

·         We have undertaken a full audit of all data held by RTR

·         We have deleted personal details across all areas where there is no need to keep them or we feel we no longer have full informed consent

·         We are obtaining updated consent from individuals where necessary

·         We have analysed the security measures RTR has in place and made necessary improvements

·         We have analysed all third party companies with whom we share data to ensure they are GDPR compliant

·         We have updated our privacy notice, creating new ones, and updated our company Data Protection Policy

·         We are conducting ongoing staff training

Should you have any questions with regard to GDPR, or with any of the steps above, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Lithgow, Head of Legal Affairs and/or Sandy Roberston, Head of Production on 0141 427 5880.



Carrie Hunter