19th January 2013

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The Invaluable Value of Work Experience

Raise The Roof Productions Work Experience Programme 2013 kick started today. 

TV companies are constantly inundated with CV’s from people looking to get work experience. So, you’ve guessed it - work placements are hard to come by. Here’s some advice, we hope you’ll find useful.

Gaining work experience in a TV production company is probably the best place to start if you’re thinking about a career in TV. A placement will provide insight into what TV production is really like as well as a great opportunity to show off your potential.

What to expect

During your placement, it’s likely that you’ll be to be shown the inner workings of TV production which will include the roles of development, research, production management, editing and digital media. The exposure to each department could help you decide what area you’d like to work in. This is your golden chance to get that sought after ‘hands on’ experience, meet new people, make contacts and ask lots of questions!

"We’re always on the lookout to develop fresh new talent in Scotland and we recognise that there’s real value in offering structured work placements to people with no previous exposure to TV production. It’s a great opportunity to learn and get hands on experience, which could lead to your first break." 
Jane Muirhead, Managing Director, Raise The Roof Productions

Standing out in the crowd

To avoid your CV heading straight to the bottom of the pile or even the bin – make sure it’s easy to read, well laid out and with no spelling mistakes. Highlight your skills and relevant experience at the top of your CV. Be prepared to persevere and remember if at first you don’t succeed - try, try again! Thoroughly research the company you’re applying to, try to find out who’s who and crucially - know their output. Whilst on your placement, it might sound clichéd but first impressions really do count! Arrive on time, show enthusiasm, passion, a great attitude and a ‘can do’ approach to any tasks given. Be prepared to start at the bottom - who knows where you might end up!

“I studied English Literature at Glasgow University and ran the student TV station. When I got the opportunity to do work experience with Raise the Roof Productions, it was a fantastic way to learn more about the industry and it confirmed what I’d always known - that I wanted to work in TV. I spent time in each department finding out about the various roles and who does what. It was hands on as well as great fun. Since my placement, I’ve been working as the office runner. This is a role which I really enjoy as you get to know lots about each production and pick up invaluable industry knowledge. In the future I hope to further develop my skills and explore a career path in TV research.”        
Emily Littler, Office Runner, Raise The Roof Productions

Due to popular demand, all places for this year are taken.
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