22nd February 2013


Top Spring Cleaning Tips for a Handmade Home

As ever, we want to provide you with top tips and inspiration on how to make your house a home. With Spring in the air - it’s time to open your windows, shoo away the cobwebs and get ready for a bit of a tidy up, dare I say, spring clean. Up for it? Here’s what you need to know:

Clean, clean, clean
The clue is in the title. Let’s get rid of unwanted odours and stains by doing a bit of cleaning and scrubbing. Dust down shutters and blinds, deep clean carpets and rugs, wipe down and polish all surfaces in each room so as to create a gleaming, glistening effect. Make sure you have all the cleaning products you need before you start. Most likely you’ll require some good cloths, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, brasso and more specific products for problem areas such a mildew in tile grout. Always follow the instructions on the back of any cleaning agents you use.

Crafters, makers, up-cyclers and vintage lovers can find a use for just about everything and we know how hard it can be to let go of once loved items. Put emotions to one side and try to view this exercise as a chance to reinvigorate your vintage/make do and mend personality. The best way to de-clutter is to pull everything off the shelf or out of the drawer and lay it all out on the floor so you can see what everything is, then decide what stays and what goes. Be brave. Be brutal. Make sure to set aside plenty of time so you can go through everything properly. You might surprise yourself and find it a liberating process.

Organise and reorganise wardrobes, drawers and bookshelves
It might seem obvious but once you’ve been brave enough to throw out all your unwanted, unused, unworn items, take the time to reorganise and show some love to the items that are staying. Organise like with like items, fold and colour code clothes, organise books both horizontally and vertically to break up rows and try to leave enough space so you can easily find things when you need them!

Polish silver and brassware
Perhaps it’s time for a bit of stock rotation! Let’s bring out the old silver and brassware from the back of the cabinet and put it on display. Chances are it may have tarnished, accumulated dirt or even grease deposits, so it might be best to give this lot a clean too. Using silver and brassware on a daily basis can add real character and antique charm to a room.

Create a different mood
The lighter mornings are making us happy, so perhaps it’s time to brighten the mood of your home. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to breathe new life back into a room by simply changing and lightening the colour of towels, cushions, bedding and even table linens. Floral and leaf patterns are very much in vogue and in keeping with vintage themes. Introducing a pattern is an easy way to make a statement while adding a splash of colour.

It’s amazing how a lick of paint can freshen up a room, even a home! Colour is a plenty this year, so whether you fancy something bright or more subtle, natural hues– you’re sure to find a colour that will suit and lift the mood of your room.

Welcome the outdoors in
Spider plants, rubber plants and peace lillies are widely known for being air cleaning household plants that help to reduce dust. They’re also easy to look after. Why not bring some greenery into your home for some instant visual relief.

You say goodbye, we say hello.
To ease the pain of letting go of your unwanted items, you could try organising a garage sale or taking them to a local charity shop. This gives your items the chance of further life whilst providing the opportunity to other vintage lovers, make do and menders, up cyclers and thrifty sorts to have a field day browsing through your ‘junk’.

Pictures from Pinterest