11th June 2013


Wonder Walls - Supermarket Sarah

Sarah Bagner is Supermarket Sarah. Best described as an all round creative with an eye for quirky style - she writes books on how to embrace everything you own and show it off on your walls, yes your walls!  She also runs a webstore which over the last few years has become a place for young creatives to showcase their talent and a ‘go to’ for unusual gifts. Everything has a meaning for its owner and should be celebrated - so why not display it - is her ethos. Meet Supermarket Sarah - the ultimate believer of ‘Interior Re-incarnation’.

How did you get started?
I worked in advertising before running a market stall in Portobello Road and wanted to recreate the experience of market shopping online, bringing the personality and fun back into the online world. That’s when I decided to launch my website in 2009. This is the place where I sell and display all the items on the walls I create. I used to display walls in my living room but they’ve now spread into public spaces, bars, galleries and even a pop up store in Selfridges in London.

Have you always been in creative line of work?
Yes, after graduating from Art school, I worked as a creative in advertising. I find at the core of my creativity is ideas. I think advertising is a great way to learn how to make ideas sing!

What inspires you?
Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary inspires me!

Who inspires you?
My friends and family who have supported me inspire me constantly. Working with inspiring figures and seeing how the wall format keeps being re-imaginged with a different perspective inspires me.

What’s the thinking behind your work?
The wall is the idea, designers create walls, and users simply click and buy! I think people do genuinely love being creative and when you give people quite a tight platform to do it with, i.e. the wall is your blank canvas, it’s been amazing to watch what can come from it.

How would you describe your creations?
Passion projects!

You’ve just launched your Kirstie Allsopp’s Home Wall. How did that come about?
Well, I sent Kirstie a copy of my book Supermarket Sarah: Wonder Walls - A guide to displaying your stuff! She got in touch with me saying she loved the book and it evolved from there. We bonded over tea and sushi at hew home in West London. She showed me around her house which is modern yet with wonderful touches of history, vintage flea market finds and hand crafted pieces - providing me with ample inspiration for her wall. You can buy items from Kirstie’s Home Wall from the Supermarket Sarah site. All proceeds from the wall go to Home-Start UK - a charity that Kirstie supports.

What’s the most unusual wall you’ve created?
I’m about to create a Supermarket Sarah wall/stage backdrop in the forests for a festival called Hidden Hills. I’m thinking trolleys made of sticks, splashes out of leaves - it's going to be a super! Come along 21st - 23rd June.

What’s special about them?
Each one is totally unique, a burst of personality/colour/fun!

Where do you source your items for your walls?
Markets, skips, garages, studios.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to try to make their own wall?
Do it! then think about it.

What advice would you give to people looking to develop and embrace their own style as opposed to seeking inspiration from magazines etc?
Its great to be inspired but I think people worry too much about it, thats why they need magazines to confirm that a particular style really is cool etc… I would say, be bold, be brave, be yourself - that way it’s always beautiful - you can’t go wrong when its true and honest. At the same time I would say, don’t be afraid of ugliness, I think creating friction between objects makes things interesting. Clashes, and contrasts can work!

What does the future hold?
More walls, more people, more stories!

For more information on Sarah’s walls, visit her website.
Supermarker Sarah: Wonder Walls is available at most good book stores.