20th December 2017

How to make a spike bow

For those starting to wrap up their gifts and requiring a little inspiration, here's a nifty and very festive idea for a bow from Jane Means Ribbon & Gift Wrapping​.

12th December 2017

How to make mini paper tassels

Erin Hung shows us how to make mini paper tassels. Perfect for a present topper of just to hang on the tree.

7th December 2017

How to update a sweater with embroidery

Cofounder & Creative Director Jade Harwood of Wool & the Gang showed Kirstie how to update an old sweater for Christmas using embroidery.

7th December 2017

Kma bts
Behind the scenes with Kirstie Allsopp

Your Christmas craft angel is due to land Mon 11th Dec, 5pm on Channel 4. But before she does, let's have a sneaky peak behind the scenes at Christmas HQ to get us in the mood!

5th December 2017

How to make rosemary wreath name cards

Rohini Wahi, a design expert and blogger showed Kirstie how to make beautiful rosemary wreath name cards on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. It’s ingenuously simple yet looks like you’ve made an effort.

5th December 2017

How to make mini mince-meat and black pudding scotch eggs

The scotch egg needs no introduction and at Christmas time, they always go down well, especially with the addition of some seasonal spice. Impress your guests with this culinary delight this winter.

5th December 2017

How to make poinsettia paper party poppers

Erin Hung showed Kirstie how to ensure Christmas goes with a bang by showing her how to make paper poinsettia party poppers. Easy, fun and colorful – what’s not to love?

5th December 2017

How to make a gift bag

The only thing better than receiving a gift, is receiving a well wrapped one! Cue Jane Means to tell us just how easy it is.

5th December 2017

Kirstie's top tips for Christmas

To ensure that this Christmas truly is one to remember, Kirstie Allsopp took some time (during the filming of Handmade Christmas) to share with us a few tips on how to keep things stress-free too!

5th December 2017

How to make salmon Gravadlax

Unleash you inner festive goddess with this simple recipe as seen on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. Dill-icious!

21st December 2016

How to make Christmas Fesenjan

For Christmas cooking inspiration with a twist, try Natalie Griffiths (from Natalie's Armenian Kitchen's) Persian inspired recipe for a Christmas 'Fesenjan' (also known as stew).

15th December 2016

Irish cream1
How to make Irish cream

Homemade Irish cream is a real treat that you can either serve chilled with plenty of ice or sneak a drop into your coffee. Christmas is all about decadence, so why not give it a go?

13th December 2016

Bts with kma
Behind the scenes with Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie makes her own little video and gives us a little glimpse into what's going on behind the scenes whilst filming at the snow cottage for Kirstie's Handmade Christmas.

13th December 2016

Finished bird
How to make a paper Christmas bird decoration

Using leftover gift wrap, it couldn’t be easier to make a beautiful and handmade decoration for your tree. Here’s how.

13th December 2016

Gingerbread lolly
How to make gingerbread flavoured lollies

Easy to make - these gingerbread flavoured lollies are perfect stocking fillers or for hanging on the tree. Some might say, an all-round Christmas winner.​

13th December 2016

Kma balloon use
How to make a festive balloon tree?

Lisa Dussek from inspiredBALLOONS.co.uk shows us how to make a fun yet extremely festive Christmas tree made from balloons.

7th December 2016

Kma blog toolbox use
What's inside Kirstie's Christmas craft tool box?

It's what everyone wants to know! What essential items does Kirstie use to ensure her crafts stand out from the crowd.

6th December 2016

Dog coat blog use
How to make a dog coat

We shouldn’t forget about our four-legged friends during the winter months. Why not try and make your pooch feel special by making a stylish dog coat?

6th December 2016

Kma cracker blog
How to make marbled Christmas crackers

Why not set your Christmas feast off with a bang by making your own handmade crackers? You can pull out all the stops with personalised contents in each, guaranteed to deliver festive fun.

6th December 2016

Kma chutney blog use
How to make Christmas spiced pear and walnut chutney

A delicious chutney is the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, leftover Christmas cold cuts and would even make an ideal gift for the foodie in your family.

6th December 2016

Blog guide into
The ultimate guide to Christmas 2016

The Christmas shopping season is upon us! If you’re dodging the queues and daring to do it all online, here are some important final order dates to ensure you get the delivery in time for the big day.

15th December 2015

Wrapped present video blog
How to wrap your presents beautifully

Gift wrapping expert Jane Means share a few top tips on how to impress with a beautifully wrapped gift

15th December 2015

Jane means blog use v3
Gift wrapping a bottle with Jane Means

How to wrap a bottle of bubbly - super fast with none other than Gift Wrapping expert, Jane Means

15th December 2015

How to make dog biscuits

Christmas is a special time of year and should be fun for all the family, pets included.

15th December 2015

Frosted jar 1
How to make a frosted jar

Christmas is an expensive time of the year. Showing someone you care doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune.

15th December 2015

Terrarium blog post 2016
How to make a terrarium

A terrarium is the ultimate, low maintenance indoor garden. Made from any clear glass, jar or plastic container, they make a fantastic gift, look magical and will last all year round.

3rd December 2015

Paper cut flower blog post edit
Meet Zoe Bradley

Artist, Zoe Bradley does amazing things with paper. We managed to catch up with the lady behind this unique craft to find out hat keeps her a cut above the rest.

29th November 2015

Blog use kma photo
How to make a luxurious fur lined festive stocking

Christmas should be fun for adults too! You’re never too old to get involved, so why not hang your very own stocking above the fireplace,better still – why not hand make your own? #handmadechristmas

25th November 2015

Paper cut blog edit
How to make a paper cut gift (Scherenschnitte)

Scherenschnitte means 'scissors cuts'. It's a beautiful, ancient craft that's been around for centuries. While it looks complex, it's surprisingly simple to learn as Kirstie finds out.

25th November 2015

Blog - festive garland
How to make a Christmas Garland

A handmade Christmas garland is a great way to create a winter wonderland in any chosen room in your home. Florist Anne Verborg shows Kirstie how to create a show stopping piece.