Are you planning a big move?

Do you want more house for your money or are you looking to improve your quality of life? We are looking for families & couples looking to leave the city for a new one in the countryside? If this is you or someone you know, please contact us today:


The gloves are coming off… again

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It is back for a fifth series, to offer up more hands-on help with what can be one of life’s most stressful decisions.

Do you and your partner have a love/hate relationship with your house? Do they love it but the lack of space drives you up the wall? Do they love the location but you're desperate for a new beginning? Or have you both simply run out of options and ideas?

If you've reached crunch point and it's time to either renovate or relocate, then perhaps TV’s top property couple can help.

Would you like Kirstie and Phil to provide you with all their expertise in the world of renovation and property sales? If yes, get in touch with us NOW.

To apply you must own your own home

For more information send an email to the Love It or List It team with your details asking for an application to: 

homes@raisetheroofproductions.comor call 0141 427 5880

We welcome applications from all sections of the community including applications from people with disabilities, from BAME communities and disadvantaged backgrounds.  Raise the Roof Productions will process your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy (available to view on our website). Applicants should also be aware that expressions of interest are not a guarantee of taking part.