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Big House - Bletsoe, Bedfordshire

Tracey in Bedfordshire spent £40k to turn her empty loft into a bedroom with study area and en-suite for her teenage daughter Amy who desperately wanted her own space. Tracey was also keen to add some serious value to her home. Prior to the work starting, her home was valued at £395,500.

New valuation: £462,500

Profit: £27,000

Little House - Walton-on-Thames

Steve and partner Lindsay spent closer to £30k to transform their attic into a luxurious master bedroom with plenty of storage to help with the clutter. In order to save on costs, Steve who is a builder did a lot of the work himself. Before the work got started their home was valued at £517,000.

New valuation: £590,000

Profit: £43,000

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