11th December 2018


How to make pom pom place cards

What you need:



Double-sided tape

2 small circular items of different sizes to draw round



Pen or stick-on googly eyes

The Process:

Make a pompom using a pompom maker, or take a sheet of card and cut out two circular rings and cut out a rectangle shape piece of card.

Fold the rectangle in half and cut a small triangle into each end., with the points directed towards the centre.

This acts as a shuttle to move the wool through the centre of the ring as you won’t be able to fit a whole ball of wool through it!

Wrap the wool shuttle around the two circular rings until the rings are covered with woolly layers and the hole in the middle is almost full. 

Using scissors, carefully cut between the outside edge of the two pieces of card. 

Be sure that you hold all of the pieces of wool in place whilst cutting

Use a length of wool between the two pieces of card to pull it all together. Then tie as tightly as possible and double knot to secure.

Carefully separate and trim the wool to neaten.

For the holder, draw or trace a festive figure on some card and cut out your shape.

Take a longer, thinner piece of card and cut. This piece will act as the arms and hands of the character. 

Now fold your festive figure in half and using double-sided tape attach the arms to the back and fold around the body

 Glue the pompom on to the fold of the card.

If you wish, add eyes and a name place, and you’re ready to sit on top of the table on Christmas day!



Carrie Hunter